Ruth Carraway

Ruth CarrawayMy work is inspired by my relationship to nature. I use pieces of wood found in the forest, along shorelines, and on mountaintops to create my tree spirit sculptures. The “awen” or inspiration for creating the tree spirits first came to me in a dream – a dream where there were faces on the trees. They spoke to me of helping teach people how to appreciate trees and all of nature. My work has become a quest for harmony with the Earth.
I love the spontaneity of working with collected natural materials. In my studio, guided by the energy of the “tree spirit”, I add polymer clay to the wood. The completed sculpture is created by combining my artistic skill and the energy of the tree. Uniquely alive, graceful, and whimsical, the “tree spirits” emerge into the outer world. It is my hope that the “tree spirits” touch your heart and soul, and that you hear their message of hope for harmony and respect toward the Earth.


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